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Crown Anthology

Crown Anthology is a collection of verse from some of the most prominent poets of Instagram, By celebrating self-love, self-worth, and empowerment, these two hundred poems examine life in a dynamic and trans-formative poetry compilation that speaks soft words for every soul to feel royal. Featuring a beautifully diverse and inspirational set of voices from around the world, that includes some of today’s most influential modern poets, with additional contest winners chosen from 4,500 submissions, Crown Anthology is curated to be a light in the wild dark, illuminating the crown that exists in everyone.

Keep Me Wild

Keep Me Wild is a collection of poetry and prose about being a woman, falling in love, being broken and finding healing. Being "Wild" is intended to convey a message of being true and being you. This book is meant to take you on an honest journey that will hopefully encourage and enlighten you.




Online Publications

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Kind of Woman Limited Edition T-Shirt

Be the kind of woman who is determined not to fail, who believes in her ability to conquer. As a poet I am on a mission to encourage and inspire others to be brave. I hope you wear this as a reminder and a declaration that you will withstand the fire and you will burn brighter. Buy Here.