The Best Apps for Writers and IG Poets


Hi Friends! I often get asked what apps I use to create content so here is a list of my current favorites.

I mostly write in a journal or in the notes app on my phone. I then type or transfer them into Google Doc and print them to take photos. Here are my favorite apps to edit images:


With one of the most extensive filter libraries I’ve seen, this app takes the cake. Not only is there a wide variety to choose from these but these filters are as real as it gets. You can totally transform your images without making them look “cheap”. I always edit here first to correct my exposure and crop if needed.

Adobe Lightroom

I use Lightroom to add premade presets to my images. Pinterest is the best place to find beautifully made Lightroom presets. I have using Val Presets on my most recent images. You should check her out on Instagram too. She posts bomb advice for bloggers.

Now, when I am not taking my own photos I love using these apps to create content:


Canva is the holy grail of design templates. If you can’t afford Photoshop this is the app for you. It’s also super user friendly. You can create anything from social media posts, ads, logos, newsletters, book covers and more. I do prefer using Canva on my desktop but the mobile app is great in a pinch.

Studio Design

I have been using this one since I first started posting my work on Instagram. It’s my go to for adding text to images. It has awesome, cute little stickers you can add too. Studio was the first app created where you can remix other users designs which is great when you’re looking for inspiration. I don’t know what I’d do without this one.

Word Swag

A lot of people use this app and that’s because it rocks. The font choices are awesome. I use this app mostly for IG Stories and creating promos for blog posts. It comes with quality, royalty free images too which is great.

Speaking of IG Stories these two apps are my go to:


The templates on this app are so high quality, sleek and modern just how I like it. I love that you can add text so all you have to do in Instagram is geotag, mention, add hashtags and you’re done!


I have been searching forever for the instant film and Polaroid templates and this app has the best I have seen and there are a ton of options! You can even resize and customize your creations for your feed too.

Last but not least I have to mention the app I use daily to stay organized.


This app lets you schedule your posts, auto posts and even provides analytics! I love that you can not only schedule posts to your feed but also to your story. Being able to view your content in a grid so you can see how it looks first is a huge advantage. I have tried other Instagram schedulers and they just don’t compare to Planoly.

So those are my favorite apps to date. I hope you found this helpful. Let me know what your favorite apps are to use. I’d love to know!

Raquel Franco