Five Female Spoken Word Poets Who Will Change Your Life

I knew Spoken Word poetry existed but I didn't know the impact it would have on my soul. Bored one day at work I took a walk and searched spoken word on YouTube. The performances I heard took my heart and gave me a new level to reach as a poet. I was in awe like a tourist seeing Times Square for the first time. Hearing the artists words straight from their mouths transformed the experience of reading a poetry on paper. It was like meeting a stranger and having them embrace you and their arms feel like home. Poetry is my "man cave", the one place where I can be me and say all that my little body contains. I feel empowered by these artists. Today I share with you 5 beautiful female poets who have an amazing ability to compose words into magic.

Sarah Kay

Sarah is quietly unapologetic. Even her saddest poem is like sipping chicken noodle soup on the coldest day. The tone of her voice is an arm around your shoulder telling you it will be OK. She takes the simplest words and turns them into a winding road you always want to turn down. She makes me want to remember all the moments of my childhood so I can live and learn all over again.

Videos from Sarah you must watch: The Type, Table Games, If I Should Have A Daughter


Olivia Gatwood

If Sarah is quiet in her apologies, Olivia is a tornado siren and she is not sorry. This poetess says everything you wish you'd had the courage to say. She is brave and beautiful in her execution of words speaking on domestic violence, womenโ€™s rights, body image and more. Her feminist truthโ€™s are a sword, a sword I wish all girls would carry. I believe if you listen to her you're gonna want to pick yours up.

Videos from Olivia you must watch: Ode to My Bitch Face, Alternate Universe in Which I Am Unfazed, When I Say We Are All Teen Girls


Sabrina Benaim

For me, Sabrina has been the only one to beautifully and accurately express what depression and anxiety is and what it feels like. As an advocate for mental health awareness, her words break the stigmas attached to a subject many fear to acknowledge. I remember not wanting to tell anyone or even admit to myself that I had mental health issues. As I had just began to accept it I came across her poem, Explaining Depression to My Mother and it took me to a place where I could say "I'm OK" and "I'm not alone" and "I am not crazy". For me her poems have been a little piece of solace and an addition to my healing.

Videos from Sabrina you must watch: A Prayer / A Spell, Explaining Depression to My Mother, Glass House


Sierra DeMulder


Sierra is a voice, a voice for women who cannot find the sound. This feminist carries the voice of truth with an incredible way of explaining how badly it hurts sometimes and how you will survive. Also, a mental health advocate, she is the nudging every human needs to keep going. And as she is encouraging you, you will be enamored by her words. Her stitching of sentences leaves you wondering how she did it. On a side note, Sierra is now the host of a wonderfully honest and funny podcast about love, heartbreak and relationships with Sam Blackwell. The podcast, Just Break Up, is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Videos from Sierra you must watch: Today Means Amen, Paper DollsUnrequited Love Poem


Denice Frohman


I first discovered Denice on the GAP commercial, She Inspires Me. It was fantastic and boy was I excited to see poetry go mainstream. Poetry is clearly not dead my friends. Denice inspired ME that day. Her tongue is like a razor, drenched in passion. She speaks for us all and speaks for many who are minority. As a mixed, Hispanic woman myself, my ears have always been drawn to her story. She is not shameless in who she is, a homosexual, multiracial woman (Puerto Rican and Jewish) and I love her for that. I love her tenacity in wanting to touch the hearts of young men and women of color. You want goosebumps? Listen to her word. 

Videos from Denice you must watch: Accents, First KissAbuela

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