The Definition of Anxiety

Words of Women hosted a writing contest a couple weeks back and I wrote the following piece but didn't submit in time. Wahnt wah. So I am placing it here. Anxiety and Depression are an unfortunate big part of my life, of my living and of my surviving. I want more people to know what it feels like and that its not something that anyone can control. It is something that can be overcome. The people around those who suffer from mental health illness need to be more educated so they can better support those that need it. I hope this helps someone. The event mentioned in this piece actually happened to me just last month as I suffered from a panic attack. 

It is kidnapping your body at your birthday dinner. Your skin catching fire. Sweat dripping down your forehead. Something isn’t right. Your body begins to warn you that it’s going to give out on you. You find yourself laying on the bathroom floor of the restaurant. The cool porcelain tile is the only thing that can comfort you. The heart is beating like a snare drum, a symphony, wasting all the breath in your lungs and you wait. Wait for the panic to exit. For your body to unfold. As reason and practicality return to the brain you try to figure out how you’re going to explain what just happened. Dread rolls its eyes at the thought of telling them you can't help it. I can’t just relax. It just happens. Anxiety is my unwanted cousin that always shows up at the wrong hour.

Please be open to hearing and understanding when someone with depression or anxiety reaches to you. Ask rather than tell when it comes to helping out. 

Thank you.