Our hearts are natural composers. It starts with a simple beat until it has created a symphony of things to beat for. Your dreams, a lover, a friend, a child, coffee, warm laundry... There are so many things that pile up to create a song. But sometimes the record scratches. Just one halt in the atmosphere and the music stops playing. A door closes on a dream, a loved one dies, a lover tells you there is someone else and suddenly you have no idea what the hell this song is that's playing.

You hear yourself saying, "I didn't create this fucking song! This isn't what I requested. Um, Mr DJ? Can you go back? I wan't done listening to that."

But there is no going back. You have to re-write. You have to create new pulses, discover a new rhythm. There is room for new melodies and I promise they are just as beautiful. Don't hold on to that fear of what if. You can and you will and it will turn your bones into steal that can pull off one hell of a dance. I promise.

- Raquel Franco