Outtakes From My Upcoming Poetry Book

Poetry Book

I have been writing my third book since last fall and I have some pieces that didn't make the cut. I will be positing them here on my blog so be on the lookout!


The love that I want

is the size of a watermelon,

ripe and green and dropping down

my mouth, my fingers,

making home inside

the crevicesโ€™ of my skin.

Sticky and utterly sweet.

I find the things that I want

are always too big to eat

and if I force it down my throat

I never can digest it.

I vomit. All the seeds planted,

all that pink river

just swimming away from me,

never wanting

to live inside this girl

who is unable

to carry too much.


This poem is about wanting that great big love. Until I found it, it always seemed like it was taken away and I was searching for something that could never be found. I wanted it too much. There has to be balance. Too much of anything, even love, will make you sick.