5 Essential Tips to Get You Started Writing


So you wanna write a poem. You have all these emotions punching you in the stomach trying to get out. Where do you start? I get asked this question often. So here are my tips on getting started.

  1. Location. Choose a safe space for you to get creative. I have many.  When it’s warm I like going to this trail in the city that has a trickling stream and a waterfall. There are hardly ever other people around so it's perfect. It’s my secret gem. Most days I like writing on my couch with my favorite tools. More on that later. I suggest finding a place where its quiet or where you can drown out the noise like Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. I have to use my couch when the family is sleeping otherwise I can’t even hear myself think.

  2. Your canvas. I use three, my laptop, a journal (or three), and the notes app in my phone. There are lots of apps you can use. My Typewriter is a good one if you don’t have a typewriter. I do have one but its too much pressure to write and not be able to make a mistake.

  3. Environment. I find it helpful to make yourself as comfortable and serene as possible. It helps the mind let go. Light a candle. Grab a cozy blanket. Play music that inspires you softly in the background. Grab some tea or coffee.

  4. Inspiration. Speaking of music, create a playlist. I created some playlists on Spotify if you need some inspiration. Music nudges at your emotional buttons. Let it take you back to the past and write from there. I also listen to Youtube videos of spoken word poets to find inspiration. I listed some of my favorites here. Sometimes I will grab a poetry book that matches my mood at the time to help me get inspired when I’m feeling lost.

  5. Plan.  Set aside time to write. I use my 90x Goal Planner to schedule out the days and times I am going to write for the week. Commit to it. The more you write, the better you will get. And read! Read all you can. It will strengthen your creativity and vocabulary. Poet and Author, Tyler Knott, said, ” Write everyday. No matter what. Writing is the only thing that makes the art of it come more naturally. By writing daily you ensure the little machine in your mind stays oiled.”

Besides the tips above, just start writing. Write whatever comes into your head. Write your thoughts, what happened that day or what you wish would’ve happened. Write from your experience. I believe we live this life so we have a story to share and with them we can grow and inspire one another.

To get started I created a Writer Toolkit on Amazon for you. You can check it out here! Happy Writing!